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    Text as inline block?

    JonnyDL Level 1

      I'm having a bit of a problem getting my text to behave the way I want. In Straight HTML (CSS) I can create a inline block div, place text in it and the text stays in the div, returns when it needs to at the end of the DIV, and expands the bottom/height of the div to fit text.


      I can't figure out how a to get that same effect in animate. Dose anyone know how?

      Can you do this with settings or do I need to code the Css into the div?

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          elainecc Adobe Employee


          There are two different ways to create text - you can either click with the Text tool or click and drag with the Text tool.  The latter is what you'll want to get text to wrap correctly.



          Hope that helps!



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            JonnyDL Level 1

            Thank you Elaine (I thought i might be forgotten in the pile of forum questions), that did work! However there is a additional problem (thought one answer would fix both). the text is being fed into a text field that is in a symbol. The text dose just what you said it would and expands downward as needed. How can I get the symbol to do the same based on the text?

            here is the example of the page.

            Web Page.png

            here is a sample of my symbol (incase you need to get an idea on how that is built)


            Thanks again