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    PrE11: Audio Out of Sync


      I seem to be having some weird Out of Sync issues that may be unique - at least I haven't found an answer yet - and I'm hoping someone can help.


      First up: system:  Core2Duo @ 2.94Ghz, 4GB RAM, Windows 7 x64

      Adobe Premiere Elements 11


      What I am doing:

      - Recording TV shows via Windows Media Center

      - Using MCE Buddy to transcode .wtv files to (... - see below)

      - Loading file into PrE


      What I am trying to do:

      - Use PrE11 to cut commercials and scenes my daughter doesn't like, then save show for playing on PS3


      The files I had been using previously in Sony Vegas without issue (MCE Buddy profile WTV->MP4 High) are REALLY bad when imported into PrE.  They start out fine, but within a few seconds it's badly out of sync and just gets worse.

      I also tried (WTV->M4V), and that is just as bad as MP4.


      So, I tried going to (WTV->TS Unprocessed) - essentially untouched audio/video streams, just remuxed into a .ts file.  One problem here is that apparently PrE isn't happy with AC3 audio - at least for me.  So I demux the audio out, a quick conversion to WAV, and then I import that along with the video.  Here's where it gets really weird.  The first 3 minutes get REALLY bad OOS - like a few seconds off.  But then it gradually goes back to roughly in sync, and then bounces in and out of sync for the rest of the video - though not as bad as the first OOS.


      I've tried just about all of the Preset project settings, and I do not notice any difference between them - the out of sync is exactly the same no matter which project setting I select.


      On all of these files, playing in an external player (VLC or WMP), everything is synced up perfectly.  Sony Vegas even handled the files fine with never an out of sync issue.  The reason I'm giving PrE a shot is because Vegas's rendered output has been somewhat poor - and getting worse as I give it more complex videos (if you call The Cat in the Hat cartoon a complex video).


      Since the .TS file is the "best" of what I've tried, here is the Mediainfo output on this file:


      MPEG-TS: 3.15GiB, 34mn 55s

      1 video stream: MPEG Video

      2 audio streams: AC-3 / AC-3

      2 text streams: EIA-608 / EIA-708

      Overall bit rate: 12.9 Mbps


      First Video Stream:

      11.7 Mbps, 1920*1080 (16:9), at 29.970fps, MPEG Video (Version 2) (Main@High) (CustomMatrix/BVOP)



      Any help would be greatly appreciated, and if I can provide any additional info, please let me know.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          OOS is a common issue, when using most capture cards, or similar devices. It seems to be a fact of life. This article might be helpful: http://forums.adobe.com/message/1982330#1982330


          Good luck,



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            TreyWaters Level 1

            Hi Bill:


            I had seen that post in my searches for an answer, however my OOS is not static.


            In the case of MP4 and M4V files, the OOS difference grows over time.  In the case of TS files, it stays somewhat close, but varies (getting better and worse) over time.


            This doesn't really seem to be an issue with the capture card, only with Premiere Elements, as other media players (VLC, WMP, Sony PS3) and editors (Sony Vegas, VideoReDo, a few other freeware) handle the same videos just fine, with no adjustments necessary.  If PrE can't handle importing videos, then maybe PrE just isn't for me.  :-(


            And doing J-/L-cuts just is not a valid solution to this.  If the audio and video get noticably out of sync every 2-3 seconds, in a 25 minute clip, having the audio and/or video stutter every 2-3 seconds for an adjustment is going to make it horribly unwatchable.  Not to mention the fact it will take days to do the 1200 or so adjustments on that one clip.