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    ACR 8.1 beta Crop/Workflow Options change is inconvenient

    RASouthworth Level 3

      I generally leave the ACR Workflow Options resolution set to default, and in the past have set the crop tool to a smaller pixel resolution, such as 1024x768.  I could then either run the image straight thru to Photoshop at full resolution, or apply a crop and save directly from ACR for proof/email lower resolution versions.


      However it appears that in 8.1 the crop tool no longer has a pixel setting, now I have to set the resolution in the workflow options in order to save out a proof/email image.  If I want to run the full resolution image thru to Photoshop I have to click on the Workflow Options link and disable the resolution setting.  So I can't switch back and forth without changing workflow options, which requires more clicks, and is easy to forget; Is there a way to save multiple workflow options settings and select among them?  Such has been requested for a long time, but apparently is still not available.


      Richard Southworth


      Added by edit - the new item in the Workflow Options is a Resize to Fit section, which can be enabled/disabled with a check box.  Is there a shortcut key to toggle, something quicker than going thru the link at the bottom?