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    Network and console.log not working


      I've got it all up and running and the 'Elements' tab is working great. I can inspect my mobile device perfectly fine.


      Only Network and console does not produce any output at all.


      Console.log() messages are not being picked up. No matter when they're being executed : before, after DOM ready or after 10 seconds... Just nothing...


      Network is also blank. It says: "No requests captured. Reload the page to see detailed information on the network activity".

      Only a page refresh produce the same result.


      I'm running Chrome v26 on Mac OS 10.6.8.


      Any insights?

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          Mark_Rausch Adobe Employee



          First off, the network tab does not work  in weinre with the exception of XHR. The resource tab is limited to Session Storage, Local Storage, and Databases. From what I know these are fact-of-life limitations of the tool.


          I just tested the console tab and console logging for a local page and it's working fine for me with our hosted version of weinre. If you're not seeing logging messages can you describe about your environment and how you're testing? Can you provide a test asset that's not displaying console log messages?