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    Setting thumbnails size & openings

    The Old Fart Level 1

      When it comes to setting thumbnail sizes what are the pros & cons?  I know that I often open the Organizer & find that the thumbnails are anything but clear & sharp.  You have to click on one & then wait a second before it appears clear.  I assume that all that happens while this is happening is that the program just went to get the original.


      I'm guessing that the difference between the largest & smallest thumbnail sizes would make the same percentage difference as the options suggests about 16 times as large.  I'm also guessing that if the original picture is smaller than your nominated size it just keeps the original.


      So what file size range should I expect say per thousand pictures?  Is there any other other downside to increasing the thumbnail size to the maximum, slower opening etc?


      Is it possible to have the Organizer open & start displaying the most recent pictures at the size you had when you turned program off & not have it zoomed into one picture?


      Thanks in advance