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    Premiere Elements 11 Download interupted

    D Ashby



      While installing Premiere Elements 11 from disc to my Windows 8 computer, my toddler turned off the power supply. When I have rebooted my computer the icon appears on my start screen, but when I go to open it it says there is a problem and I must uninsatll and re-install the product. However, it won't let me uninstall it.


      It comes up with the error message 'Error Applying Transforms. Verify that the specified transform paths are valid'. I cannot seem to resolve this problem.


      I have tried restoring my computer but it won't let me do that either. It says 'system restore failed while scanning the file system on the drive C. The drive might be corrupt. Try chddsk. Unspeicified error during system restore (0 x 81000204).


      I've tried Chkdsk and nothing comes up.


      I have tried the adobe CS5 cleaner tool which runs but doesn't seem to do anything.


      I have downloaded the Adobe support advisor which comes up with error 'A resatart is pending. Bootstrapper error has occurred.' It then says to restart the systeme which does nothing.


      Please!! Can anyone help me?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Try deleting the entire C:PROGRAM FILES/ADOBE/ADOBE PREMIERE ELEMENTS 11 directory. Then use a a registry cleaner, like Ccleaner, to clear any other files from your computer.

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            D Ashby Level 1

            I've managed to restore my computer to before the date I installed Premiere Elements by temporarily deactivating my Anti virus and the Adobe Premiere Elements has gone. However, I'm now trying to re-install it and it is coming up with the eror of failing to Install Shared Technologies.


            I've then followed the troubleshoot tip on Shared Technolgies which told me to use Adobe Support Advisor. This came up with two issues;


            cpsid_82829s1: "A restart is pending," bootstrapper error has occurred.

            Click here for details and corrective actions related to this issue.


            I've tried re-starting and it doesn't work.


            cpsid_84344r3: Error, "Application manager is needed" - Creative Suite 5

            Click here for details and corrective actions related to this issue.


            I've tried to download Application Manager but that came up with 'Installer failed to initialize' and to consult Adobe Support Advisor.


            So I am just going around in circles here.


            Can anyone help me please?

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              A.T. Romano Level 7

              D Ashby


              Are you installing from a disc or downloaded installation files?


              If you are presently stuck with the Shared Technologies block for Premiere Elements 11 installation on Windows 8 64 bit, then please read the following thread completely



              I ran into this situation after I uninstalled Premiere Elements 11 from Windows 8 64 bit (no problems with original install, everything was working great). But I needed to troubleshoots someone else's problems and had to uninstall Premiere Elements 11 from that computer for that reason. The saga of my problems and finally successful reinstall from installation disc are in the thread referrenced along with the experiences of many others with regard to Premiere Elements install stopping at Shared Technologies.


              Please let us know if any of the many "that worked for me" worked for you.