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    AE CS6 interface gets stuck and flickers


      Hi, I have a problem with my new PC setup, with Core i7 3930K, Asus P9X79 Pro, 16GB ram. When I have worked for a while in AE, the app gets "stuck", freezes for a while, and then the screen starts to flicker, or to be more exact, the AE interface goes from visible to unvisible very fast, so that you can see the desktop underneath. After that it returns to normal. During the flicker, there is a note in the program main window on the up-left corner "not responding".


      I have the latest Nvidia graphic drivers. On my old system (Core i7 2600K, Asus P8P67 Pro) this never happened. I'm using the same graphic cards GTX 285 (for the UI) and GTX 580, this GPU setup is mostly for Davinci Resolve. I have tried all the preview modes, Adaptive, Fast preview, none, but theres not much difference.


      I noticed this problems has come up with other users also:




      I haven't been working with RED footage like he has, but just testing with solids, text layers and AE effects, I haven't even imported any video to my comps.