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    RTMPE support in flex mobile on ios devices


      Hello there,


      i am trying to play video file using rtmpe url with video class using netConnection. But i am not able to connect, can any one help me in this regard.


      whenever i am trying to connect with the stream it gets failed.


      here is how i am trying this....


      URL is like this which i am trying to consume "rtmpe://test.test.com:1935/media/_definst_?expires=2013-05-20+14%3A00%3A52.407&digest=Fg4 aQf2Iie2hZymwUjboxJ3czjM%3D"


      when i am trying to use this as


      nc = new NetConnection();

      nc.addEventListener(NetStatusEvent.NET_STATUS, ncOnStatus);



      on ncOnStatus i am always getting NetStatusEvent".info.code = NetConnection.Connect.Failed".


      So is iOs support rtpme url for video streaming?




      Yash Chauhan