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    Defining root in Eclipse/Maven

    BearCherian Level 1

      I'm trying to move into using Eclipse for our CQ 5.5 project. We've been using CRXDE with success, but since CRXDE support is over, we need to move into something that will work in the long term. We're using one of the provided Maven Archetypes and the deployment has been working fine. Now I'm importing it into Eclipse as a Maven project and I have all of the libraries loaded properly. The only issue I have is defining the root for my project. For example, many of our files include our custom global.jsp like this:


      <%@include file="/apps/myApp/global.jsp" %>


      But it doesn't recognize that file. When I change it to be releative it works. It recognizes '/' as the location where the pom.xml sits. If i change it to

      <%@include file="/app/jcr_root/apps/myApp/global.jsp" %>


      Then it will also work fine because pom.xml and /app are in the same directory.


      How can i redefine the root within either the pom.xml or Eclipse to be /app/jcr_root?