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    input textfield triggers sandbox violation (AS2)

      I have this weird phenomenon that I've seen other people write about, but I haven't found any useful replies...

      I have a flash content editor that accesses php files on a server, jpeg files on that server, upload jpeg files to that server and that's it. It all works fine, I have numerous input textfields and access numerous php files.. I test it running from the flash editor and it's all swell except.. on one particular set of input fields any time I type anything I get

      *** Security Sandbox Violation ***
      SecurityDomain ' http://www.bla bla bla/login.php' tried to access incompatible context 'file:///bla bla bla /editor.swf'

      which is by the way not true.. that php file is accessed once at the beginning and there's no way that bit of code could be run again as I remove the mc containing it and also delete the function for good measure.

      if I skip loading that php it complains about any other php that is loaded first..

      Everything continues to run fine, even copy paste (someone somewhere suggested that it might actually be related to the local sandbox and that it shouldn't let you do anything local, like copy paste), so it doesn't seem to actually block anything..

      but what weirds me out the most is why this only happens to certain input fields and not others (all are dynamically generated)

      Any ideas anyone?