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    Tagging a doc to expeort it as a PDF/A-2a / accesible PDF

    Gusgsm Level 2

      I am looking through the options to tag an ID documento so that it gets exported into PDF —PDF/A-2a to be precise— in the most convenient and accesible way with the help of Acrobat Pro (XI). I see that I can tag things in three ways:


      - With XML tags with the "tags" palette.


      - With articles with the "articles" palette.


      - Assigning PDF tags in the "Paragraph Style" palette.


      My doubts are:


      - Do I need to use the three ways? I have seen that with simple InDesign documents I manage to get a valid PDF/A-2a and with a little tweak it passes the needed 508 accesibility test.


      - Is any of the three ways 'superior' to the other?


      - Is any one of them superseded by another?


      - Am I completely lost and I don't need any of this stuff to get a PDF/A-2a or an accesible PDF? (BTW, no, I am not mistakingly taking PDF/A-2a for a wholly accesible PDF, that's another  tale ).


      Thanks in advance.


      Gustavo (Posting from a rainy Madrid)