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    Check coding guidelines?

      as a java and python developer I'm used to check coding guidelines (semi-)automatically with tools like checkstyle or pylint. But I haven't found a similar tool for ActionScript. I did find coding guidelines like http://blog.dclick.com.br/2007/02/13/adobe_flex_coding_guidelines_english/ by Fabio Terracini, but no tools.
      Does a lint-/checkstyle-like tool exist? Do I use the wrong search criteria at google/google-groups? Has someone "hacked" a java/javascript-tool to support ActionScript?

      Thanks in advance for your help.

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          JabbyPandaUA Level 3
          There is not checkstyle tool yet for ActionScript 3 out there.

          For coding quidelines, there is no strict coding quidelines imposed on developers by Adobe

          You already found the only known publicly shared coding quidelines made by one of the commercial company..

          Within my company, we had created a set of coding quidelines that is partly documented on internal Wiki, but we never had taken care of making those code guidelines public...

          Sorry for the little developement in this area, but AFAIK that the way it is currently in ActionScript 3 world...
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            Thanks for your reply.
            A few minutes after my posting my question I found (among others) metaas. This library might be the base for an "ActionScript-lint" tool, but ATM I don't have neither the time nor the knowledge of all ActionScript details to implement such a tool. So many ideas, so little time :-)