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    Form Fields are Inaccessible


      I am trying to make a form ADA accessible.  The form was created in Word 2007.  I set up the preferences in Word to ensure that it was tagged properly.  Once in Acrobat X, I used the Forms Wizard to make the form fields interactive.  I modified the form fields as needed, corrected the tabbing order and ran the Full Check Accessibility rpt.  The rpt tells me that the form fields are inaccessible & need to be tagged.  I have tried to tag them using the Reading Order Touch Up tool, but have had spurious results.  When I select the field, it appears as if it is creating a tag, but only one has taken and has been numbered.  Sometimes, it won't let me select a field at all.  My first doc was one large table that contained up to 9 form fields in one cell/row.  The second document was text only.  I can't tag the form fields in either.  I am not sure why this is not working.  I am going to upgrade to Acrobat XI and hopefully Word 2010.  Are their any other tools that Adobe has to assist with creating accessible form fields? 

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          I have occasionally encountered a form field that refused to be tagged. The only recourse I have found is to delete the form field and recreate it. In my experience the replacement field could always be tagged. This would be a lot of work though if you are talking about many form fields. If you find an easier way please post it here.