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    "Save" function was disabled--trying to locate previous file!


      I am using indesign 5.5 on my mac, and I created an indesign file which I worked mostly on my pc with, then saved it and began working on my mac. When I went to save the file on my mac once I continued editing ,the save function was grayed out, and not an option. In additon, ctrl + z would not work either. In order to save the document, I had to export and save as a pdf every few minutes. My computer then shut down unexpectedly and when it restarted, the document was gone, and there's no trace of it on my computer. All I have is the last saved pdf, but I need to make edits to the file. Any suggestions??? What can I do to import the pdf back into indesign or even edit the pdf? Any suggestions would be very helpful!


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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          So the file didn't reopen automatically from the recovery data? That's not good.


          Next time, rather than export to PDF, export to.idml which is a format that ID can open and save as a new .indd file. Your PDF is essentially a final document, not intended for anything more than minor editing in Acrobat Pro. There are some commercial plugins available for ID which purport to open PDF as an editable file, but I've never used them and they will not get you back to where you were, necessarily, if you used styles and so forth, and they are not inexpensive.


          You may be forced, at this point to go back to the PC and find the file there, then redo your new work. But you also need to find out why ID was misbehaving so badly on the Mac or you are just going to have problems again.