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    How can I stop Layer Comps slowing down Photoshop


      Hi all,


      This topic has been discussed in other threads, but always without resolution. So as I have just encountered this problem today, I thought I would post the issue again to hopefully capture fresh attention.


      I just moved back over from Fireworks to Photoshop, mainly to make use of Layer Comps for displaying multiple states of my UI design. Everything was going swimmingly, but when I reached about 40 layer comps, Photoshop suddenly slowed, or at least the use of the Photoshop file with multiple layer comps slowed. If I try and drag objects/layers, they move painfully slow, making it unusable. If I remove all of the layer comps, everything speeds up again.


      I thought there might be a memory issue (as in I had run out!), but if I open two versions of the same file, one with the layer comps, one without, the one without works fine, but the one with the layer comps is slow. If it were a memory issue, surely both files open at the same time would be slow, as would the rest of Photoshop?


      I'm not sure how many layers I have, but the file is about 20mb in size, so not huge.


      I find layer comps extremely useful for UI design and certainly expected to make use of more than 40. Does anyone know of any fix or anyway of making this work? I wonder if the next CC version of Photoshop will have improved it.


      Thanks for any advice you might have.