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    Completed a slide show - won't play the audio


      I have completed a slide show and added 3 songs.  The songs are showing up on the audio bar at the bottom, but when I do full-screen preview there is no audio.  My speakers are working fine, i'm able to play songs from other programs.  I am working in PS Elements 9 on Windows 7. 


      And another question, if i want to burn the slide show onto a DVD - what type should I buy?


      Thank you.

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          Barb__O Level 4

          1 - I suggest that you post information about the format of the music files that you are using in this slide show. Also include whether these files have any album art (which has been known to create problems within the slideshow process). 


          And I wonder - did you import these music files to the Elements Organizer and if yes, can you play each of these music files from within the Organizer ?? If not, try importing one music file which will not play in the slideshow preview to the Organizer then attempt to play it within the Organizer. (why - sometimes playing a music file from within the Organizer is a good indication of whether the slide show editor can use this music file)


          2 - You are asking about burning a slideshow to a DVD - I suspect that you want to burn your slideshow to a DVD that will play in your TV DVD player and Photoshop Elements does not supp[ort the function of creating this type of TV playable DVD.  Adobe Premiere Elements is a separate video software product which does support creating TV DVD player DVDs. However, I suggest that you read my next point before purchasing Adobe Premiere Elements - because there is a simpler process you can try now.


          3 - your Windows 7 software license provides a program of Windows DVD Maker which can be used to create a TV playable video DVD format. 


          Using Windows DVD Maker with the PSE slide show editor is a 2 step process -

          - First, create a WMV file output (standard definition 640 x 480) from the PSE slideshow editor:

          - Second, use that .wmv file (which you saved on your computer hard drive) as input to the MS Windows DVD Maker software.  


          4- Both for troubleshooting and for future potential use with Windows DVD Maker, I suggest that within the PSE Slideshow Editor you do the Output command to create a .wmv file (640 x 480 standard definition), give it a name and save it on your hard drive. Then attempt to play that .wmv file using Windows Media Player.  Do you hear the music with playback from Windows Media Player ?

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            anneangel0315 Level 1



            Thanks so much - this was very helpful.  I was able to create the WMV file and play it on Windows media player WITH music.  The next, and last, step will be to burn it onto a DVD using the Windows DVD Maker.  Do you have a recommendation as to the type of DVD I should buy?  It is 13 minutes long.


            Thanks, Anne

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              Barb__O Level 4

              buy DVD-R discs because this type of disc will play on most TV DVD players. With a duration of 13 minutes, you will not have any capacity problems with the disc.


              Be aware that the DVD-R is a write once disc when used for this type of slideshow, so don't buy just one physical disc.  Because you are new to this process, I suspect that you might identify improvements that you want after your first playback on TV, so I suspect that a small package of discs is a good choice for you.  


              The other question is what brand of DVD-R disc you should buy.  I am not very current on the best brands for quality versus price. I do know people who avoid the store brands.  I have used Verbatim brand discs.