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    Indesign from Illustrator Script

    pkrk Level 1

      I'd like to automatically open InDesign/InDesign script from an Illustrator script.


      There would be some arrays with data that will be passed on to the InDesign script for processing.


      I thought that involved #target indesign but that does not seem like what I need to do.


      I may just export the values to a txt from Illustrator if there are a lot of bugs in this process and then run the other script manually from InDesign.







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          Muppet Mark Level 5

          Changing the #target mid way though a script is NOT how it's done… Oh be so simple… You can communicate between apps but it is done with the BridgeTalk class ( nothing to do with the Bridge app btw ) The class is specifed in the JavaScript Toolkit Guide… You will find samples of BridgeTalk in both app forums but you should read up on it as its a little tricky…

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            pkrk Level 1

            Then it seems like I'd like to go the export txt route.


            That doesn't seem to be an option through scripting though you can manually do it??


            myCSVFileName = "illustratorValues.csv";

            myCSVFilePath = "~/desktop/"+ myCSVFileName;

            myCSVFile = new File(myCSVFilePath);

            myCSVFormat = ExportFormat.textType;




            myDoc= app.activeDoc;

            myDoc.exportFile(myCSVFile, myCSVFormat);














            txt isn't an option like in indesign?

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              Muppet Mark Level 5

              You can write text files from any scriptable app of the suite… Just construct your string and use the File Object's write methods… There is NO need for this if you want to pass some array of data… BridgeTalk will allow you to pass such variables… from one to another…