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    What's a browser compability of JavaScript for Acrobat ?

    Janusz Chudzynski Level 1

      I have a pdf with two fields that needs to be filled by user.

      • I am using a Javascript for Acrobat to display a prompt dialog asking user to enter a data. it works pefectly fine on my local computer, but whenever I open it using various browsers I am running into different problems:
      • Firefox:  20.0.0 No prompt dialog is showing up. Error (warning) message in developer's console: [09:49:17.064] Warning: TODO: unimplemented annotation type: FreeText
      • Safari: 6.0.4 Certificate is displayed sideways. No prompt dialog is showing up. No errors in the developer's console.
      • Chrome  26.0.1410.65  : works fine!
      • Opera  12.15 nothing shows up, no pdf, warning or anything else.


      So it doesn't work on 3 out of 4 browsers that I checked.

      My pdf is embedded into the following file.



      Is there a way to make it work on those browsers?