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    Font Drop Down behavior CS3-5 vs CS6

    PBR PRINT Level 1

      Can anyone help, i have searched and searched. It used to be in all previous versions that when you have a font, say helvetica LT, that you are using in a document and you wanted to use say a different version of helvetica. You could click the the arrow for the drop down on the font name and you would be in the H's, highlighted on the font you were using. Now, its just top of the list, A's. You can use the arrow keys to go back and forth and cycle through the fonts but this is is in both ways a travesty to efficiency and workflow and everyone is used to it. Despite looking, we cant find a way to change this setting of behavior. Can you help, its very appreciated!

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          I also find this behavior frustrating. If there is a fix or option I'm missing - I'd love to hear about it.

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            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            This was a change that was made to add most recent fonts to the list.

            There is no way I know of to change this.


            FWIW, InDesign CC has a fully revamped fonts feature and invoking the

            dropdown does begin with the currently selected font highlighted.



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              Chad.design Level 1

              Thanks for the reply - we just upgraded from CS4 to CS6 at work... I guess I'll look forward to this in the next 2-5 years ...



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                PBR PRINT Level 1

                I cant see really see ever going CC. It's nearly 10 times the cost for us to pay monthly versus what we pay now every approx. 3 years. I just cant take on that kind of increase, everything down the line will suffer cost wise. I'd rather wait it out or opt for conversion and possibly different software.


                This recent font thing is just forcing someone elses workflow on everyone instead of offering options and then baiting/forcing people into a new very expensive product that being cloud based is soemthing of a ransom scheme. At anytime they can skyrocket the price, and it already is, and what can anyone do? I dont see the benefit.

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  You are used to discount pricing for upgrades even if you skip versions. That no longer is available, and of course there will not be any more perpetual licensing unless Adobe reverses itself, which seems less than likely, so your options will be to subscribe or stay frozen in time at CS6.

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                    PBR PRINT Level 1

                    We've always bought new versions, non academic. They never compared to this pricing. To stay competitive, I just cant take this kind of increase. I think about $4900 total some on two seats over three years. I pay roughly $800 before and up to 6. Sure, we'll get an initial price, but i know full well they will just wait for a certain critical mass and change the price and I was told an overall price increase will affect all initial discounts to the same level as everyone else, by Adobe.I'll have to seek out alternatives if it stays this high. Third party conversion, third party suite, etc It's not like I want to, but, it is what it is and I'm going to have to take it for what it is. I'm not the only one, venture off these boards and you find alot of smaller shops this will really hurt or kill in regards to being price competitive, not to mention designers. There lots of people talking about it. *shrug* I'm not trying to be obtuse, I'm rather down about the whole thing honestly.

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                      Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                      If you're only spending $600/deat, that spouinds like a single-product license. That's only $240/year on the cloud. And speculating about futrue pricing is just that, speculation. Perpetual license pricing has hardly been static ove the past few years, and there's no reason to think that if they were still available they wouldn't keep pace with subscription price increases, if any.

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                        PBR PRINT Level 1

                        Nope it's 2-seat. i have the license numbers right here. Non academic. I dont know where your getting your numbers but according to Adobes official page, the only thing $20 a month or $240 a year is one single application for one seat. It's not speculating to assume prices go up, they go up, all prices go up. Additionally, the fact that any price increase levels out intitial discounted pricing came from an Adobe rep directly. Static? No, 10-14 times increase? Also, no.


                        Your welcome to think what you want, but cloud is a detriment to the end user. The company can do anything and you dont even get the ability to stay with an older version anymore, its exactly like being held ransom. it's why back 4-5 years when off site cloud job and estimating systems became popular we didnt switch to those either. If they raise the prices hugely, you pay or lose everything, it happened to a shop in town when their software kept rising at intervals all year long until they just couldnt afford it anymore, and they lost all their old files. This isnt just me. Ask any real IT persona bout ANYTHING cloud based. Ask any PS3 or xbox user. Sure you dont lose your files, but your tied in with no options. Like the guy above talking about staying at 6 for 2-5 years. That will never be an option again, and whatever Adobe demands he'll pay it or... swtich softwares. Anyone who looks at this and doesnt see the danger in that model for the customer is kidding themselves.

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                          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                          There are four groups here. One realizes this a great deal, one thinks

                          Adobe is out to rip them off for every last dime they have and put them

                          out in the street, the third is on the fence about the whole thing and

                          open minded about it and the fourth believe they can continue as a niche

                          provider forever.


                          If you're happy with print only then stick with CS6 since it will likely

                          do whatever you need it to do...but when your competition starts

                          offering iPad apps, web sites, and ton of other digital services it

                          won't be Adobe putting you out of business.



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                            MW Design Level 5

                            Oh geez, Bob. The dynamics of the whole thing combined with various people in a myriad of situations begs one not to simplistically categorize them.


                            If you really think Adobe software is the only means to the ends you list--now, not in the future--you live in a really Adobe-centric place.


                            The reality is CC is not a great deal for everyone. It isn't for me both finiancially and philosphically. with an exception: the first year. Thereafter I pay more for the software I actually use (ID/AI). Yep, I get more applications for the buck now and likely Adobe will add to the list later on.


                            Might Adobe change things to where I would look favorably on it? Perhaps. I don't know what that would look like, but it could happen.


                            Take care, Mike


                            PS. The actual topic of this thread. Adobe had this working. Then they broke it. Now with it evidently working again in CC, it is a new feature. tis the Adobe way.

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                              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                              It's absolutely NOT a great deal for everyone. Never said it was but we're in a lemons/lemonade situation now. It's Creative Cloud or stick with what you have. Of course you can off the grid. There are plenty of good alternatives to Adobe software but that won't cut it in a collaborative workflow.


                              They didn't actually break it...they changed it to allow for the most recent fonts list. I agree that in some ways it was a step backward but the new font features in CC are to die for (okay, maybe not, but it's really, really good <g>)



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                                PBR PRINT Level 1

                                We're a print shop. One that specializes in on demand, drop ship fullfillment. I dont need to pay for the ability to make apps, etc and I certainly dont see how telling my clients, who could care less, that they are paying more so I can develop products they dont want to buy and they dont need is going to accomplish anything when I have to raise my price.


                                My primary reason for actively voicing these feelings is so Adobe sees them. I hope Adobe goes outside its forums and looks into this and reads its emails. I think plenty are not happy.


                                Look, I like Adobe, really, but not at ANY cost. i dont love ANY product at ANY cost. Adobe will hopefully learn that lesson like many companies before it who have tried similar things or tried to stick to similar concepts. Per minute internet comes to mind, heck even per minute phones which is a dying concept and i think eventually this attempted return to charging by bandwidth, and these things I mention are like this because THEY are finite resources and have some scarcity in some manner. Adobe, really isnt and any scarcity it has is going to be artificial.


                                I've seen them come and go so many times and I always hear these arguments. I worked with a guy once long ago who said Quark would never be replaced as the standard. I knew a guy who worked in one of their fulfillment centers and he told me, they knew about the things the customers didnt like but they thought they were above it. They openly talked about it. Corel, etc. Dont get me wrong. I'm super happy we arent waxing clipart to be exposed and then stripped in to large format film anymore, but Adobe is not the only option, period.


                                As to the original discussion:
                                I guess i wouldnt say they broke it, but it does feel a bit like blackmail. Well, we have it, but only over here for more money, even though it was standard before. What gets me, is they didnt make it an either or option, they just trashed the other way, and that just seems like either lazy or indifferent product design. Either way... we pay... and then pay again, and apparently pay again and so on.

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                                  BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                  I agree that it doesn't work as well. In theory, what I'd like to see is

                                  if you turn off the recent fonts display it would revert to the prior



                                  But it doesn't and you'll either have to live with it or move to CC.

                                  Keep in mind that one application subscriptions are available so you can

                                  get InDesign only for $10/month for the first year and $20/month after



                                  Just something to consider going forward.