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    C: SSD, D: HDD 5400 - works well but what with the media catch files??


      Hello there, I'd like to ask a question:


      I do not have a lot of money to spend, so I'm not really enthusiastic about buying new hardware. I just bought a new SSD - Samsung 840 Pro 128GB (C: drive) and installed beside Win7 64bit, the CS6 Premiere Pro. By that I have a WD 1,5TB 5400 harddisk (D: drive). I know you recomend a 7200 disk, but as for the money situation, I just wanted to try it. Everything worked fine at first glance, but then I searched the internet and came to Harm Millaards discussion about the Media Catch Files - as it's no good idea to put them on the SSD disk. This was standard in preferences set to the C: SSD, so I switched them to my D: drive instead of the C:. The same I did about the Scratch disks/files (don't actually know what they are though :-/). Is this correct?


      After the change of the Media Catch files to D: the playback while editing is not quite well working anymore. Did I do they right steps and does this then mean I should buy a HDD 7200 for the media catch files and as a scratch disk (which I don't understand what it is)? Will that help, or should I do something else to have it working as it was working when these files were saved on the SSD?  


      Thanks a lot for your help, Thomas


      PS. other hardware I have:


      8GB RAM

      intel i5 2500K procesor

      Geforce 295