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    Extensions suddenly crashing PS CS6 for no apparent reason.


      They were working correctly yesterday, and now the presence of any extension, including 'Adobe Exchange,' will cause the entire application to hang once they are selected from their panel. This seems to be the case for any/all extensions (at least the ones I use). Once I remove them all, the stock tools on the right-hand panel work correctly. However, adding back any of them means that using the panel will crash the application - whether it is selecting an extension or using a built-in feature like "Adjustments" or "3D".


      Curiously, when an extension is added to the panel (assuming I don't click on it and crash PS) and I close the application like normal, Photoshop also hangs on exit, forcing me to 'force quit' it. I am not sure how that is related, but there seems to be some kind of correlation.


      I'm on an early-2011 macbook pro, 8gb of ram, Radeon 6750M with 1gb of video ram, loads of disk space.


      I've tried reseting all preferences, disabling video acceleration, and a few other tweaks. I need to use some of these extensions, but I am at my wits' end trying to figure out what is going wrong.