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    [F8/AS2] ScrollPane scrollbars not showing in IE. WHYYYYY!!

    Krystle Klear Design
      Argh! ScrollPane is a Pain! Been working on this for 2 weeks! HELP!!

      In a container movie, I have loaded an swf that contains a scrollPane which in turn loads an external swf.

      In Firefox, it works like a charm. In IE, the scroll bars do not appear!

      Here is the code I am using in the swf that contains the scrollPane:

      var scrollContent:mx.containers.ScrollPane;
      scrollContent.contentPath ="ABSOLUTE_LINK_TO_MY.SWF";
      scrollContent.border_mc._height = 0;
      scrollContent.border_mc._width = 0;


      The live example is here. Click on Programs then Purple Scarf Project:

      On the Internet, I've seen tons of posts about this problem. But no matter where I look, no one posts a solution. Can anyone here help? PLEASE!!!!

      Thank you