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    Combo Box & Text Box


      I'd like the combo box to update a text box. The problem I have is that I have multiple combo boxes that I'd like to update with similar text. Combo box 1 updates Text Field 1. But when I select Combo Box 2 it updates Text Field 2 AND Text Field 1.


      Here's my code:

      var Data1 = { "Adaptable":{ text: "Adapts to change, open to new ideas, takes on new responsibilities, handles pressure, adjusts plans to meet changing needs, acts on opportunities, and practices self-development."},
                       "Communication":{ text: "Communicates well verbally and in writing, shares information and ideas, asks clarifying questions, actively listens, flexible and open to other viewpoints, manages distractions and interruptions, negotiates effectively." },
                          "Computer and Technical":{ text: "Skilled in the use of computers, adapts to new technology, keeps abreast of changes, learns new programs quickly, uses computers to improve productivity. Understands specialty equipment, technical resource for others, follows technology practices and standards."}};

      function SetFieldValues(cBox1only)
        this.getField("Strength1").value = Data1[cBox1only].text;


      function SetFieldValues(cBox2only)
      this.getField("Strength2").value = Data1[cBox2only].text;