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    Video and Pictures in slideshow


      I have Adobe Premier and Photoshop and I am trying to make a slideshow with pictures and video, but there is no sound in my video clips.  What could be the problem.  I have edited and created the pictures in the photoshop, but when I add a video clip from my files, it plays with no sound. Thanks for any help!



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          Barb__O Level 4

          Since your problem is with the video file, I recommend that you do your video clip work in Premiere Elements and  therefore I recommend that you post your question on the Premiere Elements forum at



          When you post there I suggest that you include in your first post

          -- which versions of Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements you are running

          -- Which operating system and its version

          -- what is the source of the video clip that you attempted to use (for example, the camera that recorded this video)

          -- if you know the codec format of this video fie, include that also.


          The people on the Premiere Elements forum will probably have additional questions for you. My suggestions are just a basic starting point.


          FYI -

          you said "when I add a video clip from my files".  If you are adding the video clip using the slideshow editor of Photoshop Elements Organizer,  I do not recommend that method. Instead I recommend that you work with the poeple at the Premiere Elements forum for help in adding your video.