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    PrE11 won't start after adding drive & changing other drive letters

    Jesse Locke

      I relied on some of the posts on this board to determine what my computer build should be. Now I need to ask the help of it's members after the fact. Premiere Elements 11 will no longer launch.


      With the exception of my OS drive C: I changed my drives from:
      C: OS 320GB WD
      D: CD-writer

      E: Bluray player

      F: 1TB WD

      G: 500GB WD


      I added one 120GB SSD and changed drive letters as follows:
      C: OS  320GB WD
      D: CD-writer

      E: Export 1TB WD

      M: Media 500GB WD

      S: Scratch 120GB SanDisk SSD


      My system is:

      Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

      i5-2320 3.00GHz
      32GB memory

      Radeon HD 7770-OC

      Diablotek 675 watt PSU

      ASRock H77 Pro4/MVP motherboard


      The original install came from a download purchase on Amazon. It is working perfectly on my laptop and was working here also. PrE11 settings were all default. Everything was pointing to the C: drive as usual after installation. After installing the new drive and changing the letters of others (with the exception of the C: drive), I pointed the "Libraries" (Documents, Music, Pictures and Video) of the only user/administrator on the PC to the 1TB Export drive. I also pointed the "Downloads" folder to that same 1TB drive. 


      I have tried both .exe files in the "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Elements 11" folder. I have uninstalled once and reinstalled twice. There are no error messages. PrE11 is NOT running in the Applications tab or the Processes tab of Windows Task Manager.