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    ID CS5.5 Mac - Trouble printing custom size 13x21 transparency

    squidz Level 1

      I am trying to print a positive transparency for a screen print. The document is 13x21. I have a 13 wide transparency roll from which I have cut a 21" piece. I'm printing to an EPSON 1400.


      I cannot get the file to output to this szie. It cuts off the image within in 8.5x11 boundary every time.


      I have:

      - set a custom size in the print dialog

      - clicked Page Setup in the print dialog and set the custom size there as well, ignoring the warning about it not being the ID print dialog

      - the preview in the dialog will look perfectly oriented to the correct size in the little thumbnail

      - I have tried everything I can think of to try and get the output sizes in sync and correct

      - I switched to PDF to try that, fail again


      Is there anyone that can help with some step by step of a process that will work?


      Adobe ID CS5.5, EPSON Stylus Photo 1400, Mac Lion 10.7.5


      I just can't comprehend how this could be so difficult and unintuitive. Any insight would be freaking wonderul.