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    Expressions Encoder footage causing lag in PPro

    Geronimosan Level 1

      I've been putting together a recorded version of a webinar for about a year now, mixing my own HDSLR footage and digital audio via H4N with the screencapture of the webinar. It's been fine in editing except the quality of the screencapture was pretty bad, so we first tried Camtasia, and then moved to Expressions Encoder. Since that move, all screencapture footage I get from the broadcaster who records with Expressions Encoder causes Premiere Pro major lag. In the PPro timeline I'll lay the HDSLR footage on one video track, and the Expressions Encoder footage in another track, and when both are toggled Visible, major lag occurs. As soon as I toggle off the Expresssions footage track, no more lag.


      The HDSLR footar is always recorded at 30p, and they are now recording the Expressions Screencapture at 30p, and then export to 30fps, 20fps, 10fps, 8fps, etc., and between 720 and 1080, and various encodes between mp4 and wmv, but they always lag out PPro.


      What I've been doing is dropping the Expressions Encoder footage into its own timeline, spending 2 hours to export it into an mov file, and then dropping that mov into my timeline, and that seems to work fine.


      Anyone have any suggestions as to what might be going on with Expressions Encoder footage in PPro? Would love to not have to take the extra multi-hour step of re-encoding the EE footage.