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    Moving and properly placing fields in a FormsCentral form


      I've just started using this software that came with Acrobat XI and began designing a form from scratch.  Moving and placing fields in your desired location seems to be quite challenging unless there is something I do not understand about the process.  The primary annoyance is when using the left side handle to change the width of a field, all other fields above appear to be connected and all change widths together.  Also, moving a field along a horizontal plane always ha sthat field snap back to its original position.  Any help here?

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          Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

          All th fields in the first column in FormsCentral share the same label width. You might want to try to put the label on top if you don't like this behavior.


          If you insert fields on the right on a form element then you can independently set its label width.


          You can only put a form element next to another one. If you want more horizontal "spacing" between element you can resize it by increasing the previous element width. In the image below you can see what you need to "drag"to increase spacing.



          Hope this helps