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    How do I modify the image size on OXO template HP

    ssv123 Level 1

      the temporary site is "http://printtest2.businesscatalyst.com/"


      this is regarding what appears to be a "catalogue" presented on the homepage of the OXO template site. I want to modify the size of the images but can't find where the code is kept.


      When I'm in "design view" it looks like the content is being called by // {module_webapps,13325,a,}


      and when in "code view" it looks like its called by // {module_productfeaturelist,last,2,Default,,,true}


      Where can I view these pieces of code, or the module screens, and how do I modify the attributes?


      Is the {module_productfeaturelist,last,2,Default,,,true}, embedded in the {module_webapps,13325,a,} and if so, where can I go to see that?



      Thanks very much.