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    Can anybody Assist, please ? Issue with running Prem Pro 1.5 on 'new' pc with Win XP Pro


      After some years of faithful service my PC died and I am not able to get Premiere Pro 1.5 to work on the new PC. I had several HDD with my video files on and the C: drive died. I have reinstalled the original drives so all my files are recovered and I can see/open them in Premiere BUT I cannot setup to capture anything.


      System is Win XP Pro, Pentium Dual core, 2.7GHz, 2Mb RAM, Capture device is Canopus with DV Storm 2 drivers, Sony DR1000 deck connected by firewire.


      When I go to capture settings there is an IEEE1394 option and DV Capture. If I select Canopus the PD INSTANTLY reboots. I don't know where to start looking for the issue . . . is anybody able to help ?

      Would be much appreciated . . .