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    Video playback is virtually non-existent!


      Hi Adobe gurus!


      I recently upgraded from CS4 to CS6, as CS4 wasn't working well on my new 15" MacBook retina. However, having installed CS6 from the creative cloud, I'm finding that playback in Premiere Pro is horrendous! In fact, playback is virtually non-existent and only the audio playback fine. I simply cannot edit without rendering the footage first...which is not ideal, since my footage is quite long (40mins) and can take a while to render it all.


      It doesn't matter if I'm working from the SSD or an external HD, working with .mov or .mts, or if the playback resolution is set to the minimum - I cannot get the video to playback properly. I've never had this issue as an editor before. Really not sure what is going on, but I can't edit like this!


      Hope to hear from somebody soon! Thanks.