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    How do I add playback control to a .swf file in Director 11.5 (PLEASE HELP!)

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      I am currently trying to add controls (play/stop/etc) to a .swf file within Director 11.5. The movie imports fine and plays perfectly, however there does seems to be built in options to add the control in the same way you would for a .mov.

      The .swf file has been created with controls and plays outside of director fine. When it is placed into director the controls disappear and leave a white space.

      Is there a step by step guide somewhere or can someone give me a step by step guide? I'm fairly new to director and won't know some of the terms etc....


      The movie is 30 mins long and requires the user to move to various points and pause the playback. I cannot change the format of the file either.


      Please let me know if you need any more info...


      PLEASE HELP, I have to complete this in 2 days.



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          Probably too late for your project but...


          You can do this by using 3 sprites in addition to the SWF. In this example, I've named them "videoPlay", "videoRewind, and "videoStop". The SWF in this case was named "video."


          Apply this script to each of the 3 sprites.


          property mySprite


          on beginSprite me
            mySprite = sprite(me.spriteNum)


          on mouseUp me
            case mySprite.name of 


            end case