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    Serious problem with random missing pages in PDFs




      We are running InDesign 5.5 on Mac OS 10.6.8 and using Acrobat 9pro 9.5.1.


      We produce novels and have an ID file, 480 pages, that we have exported to PDF direct from ID.


      In the PDF file page 9 is missing, well, the running head and folio are on the page but there is no text! THIS IS NOT THE FIRST JOB WE HAVE HAD PROBLEMS WITH!!


      The InDesign file is fine, no errors, all text, nothing strange about it at all. If we remake the PDF then it is fine which makes this a totally random and intermittent problem. Our clients are not very happy obviously.


      Is there any way the PDF can be 'looked at' to see if it contains any clues as to why this happens and more importantly how can we stop this from randomly happening.


      This is now desperate, our clients are considering changing suppliers if we can't guarantee our product!


      Hope to hear from someone soon.


      Many thanks

      Andy R