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    FlashBuilder SLOW at EVERYTHING


      I'm trying to use FlashBuilder 4.7 Premium (64 bit). 


      I see quite a few threads complaining that FlashBuilder is slow, each seem to be quite specific (i.e. code completion/compile/build) - however, I find it is just SLOW.  I have a fast machine and should not be experiencing any problems.


      The problems I am experiencing though is just slowness - e.g. I can be just typing anything into an .as file with no code completion intended and (whilst typing only one line) it will have several periods where it will fail to register my keys pressed for 0.5 secs.  After the lag it will catch up.. until the next lag!


      The lag time doesn't seem to be dependant on what I'm doing - e.g. it will lag for the 0.5 when changing the file I'm viewing (2/3 times out of 5) secs. 


      There are so many people complaining about FlashBuilder being slow - in some cases there has been individual analysis which has helped them, however, that does not help me + many other people.  This is not a cheap product and the slowness actually costs money.


      Any advice on what to do about indiscriminate FlashBuilder slowness - apologies if any of this is ranting, it is annoying trying to work with such problems.