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    Help: What's best graphics card to handle Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks & other third party plugins?

    bknjs Level 1

      Im looking to buy a desktop windows computer because my laptop I have can't handle Magic Bullet Looks & other plugins from Red Giant when trying to preview the video. I would have to render the video everytime which takes 20 minutes to render 3 minute video. Here's what i have on my current laptp.


      Nvidia GeForce GTX 670M video card (3 GB Ram)


      32GB Memory Ram

      Intel Core i7-3920XM CPU 2.90GHZ - 3.10GHZ


      Windows 7 64bit laptop







      Before buying this new desktop computer it allows multiple video cards to be installed. Should I get 2 video cards or just 1?  (1 for premiere pro and 1 for magic bullet looks software) and which one is best? I heard Nvidia GeFORCE GTX 680 is the best option to go with, Is this true?



      Nvidia GeFORCE GTX 680 (4GB)

      AMD® Radeon HD 7990 (6GB) GDDR5


      NVIDIA® GeForce GTX TITAN (6GB) GDDR5 (Includes PhysX)

      NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 690 (4GB) GDDR5 (Includes PhysX)