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    Help with Js and symbol


      Where to start.

      I have a simple composition that comprises a rectangle with nested images on the stage.  The rectangle and images make up a simple slideshow that is rotated at a slight angle. At convenient timeline triggers, I am using a code snippet that firsts stops each image and then plays the timeline after a 3 second delay .  Works a treat when tested in a browser and I'm happy with the outcome.  When I convert the animation to a symbol and test in a browser, the code snippets seem to be ignored and the intended delay ascribed between each slide is just not working.


      The code snippet: sym. stop ();

                                 setTimeout (function () {.play()}, 3000);


      Shoot me because I have no clue about coding - but I am surely missing something here.  As a coder, can you possibly put me right?  ta very much.

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          jbowden Adobe Employee

          Hi there,


          Are your triggers in the symbol timeline? If not, then select them in the main timeline, cut them to you clipboard, and then enter the symbol timeline and paste them.




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            circlemover Level 1

            Thanks for the reply Joe - the triggers are not in the symbol timeline should they be?  I presumed that any tiggers in the orginal main timeline - not the symbol timeline - would work after being converted to a symbol or did I read that wrong somewhere.  No matter I will copy them and paste them on the symbol timeline as you suggest.  Thanks again here's hopin' but I think you know the outcome already. I will be able to get back to the work in a couple of days so I'll let you know.


            thanks again Joe.

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              jbowden Adobe Employee

              Hello again,


              Yeah, the triggers should be in the symbol timeline (unless you want to recode them so they specify the symbol's timeline instead of the main timeline) because when you use "sym." without any other targeting, you're referring to the containing symbol - and if it's in the main timeline, that's the Stage.


              Placing the triggers on the symbol's timeline is the easiest way to achieve what you want.




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                circlemover Level 1

                Hi Joe guess what? it worked next time you're in the UK I'll "buy you a pint" as we say.  Till then.  Thanks.