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    Premiere Pro CS6 very bad YouTube quality.




      Before asking me to look further on google because there may be my answer, i say that i've searched/posted/asked everywhere i could.


      I use fraps to record some in-game footages, the file bitrates are huge 500-900M, i then render them in premiere pro as i need to add an intro/ending and then i upload them (or i'm hardly trying to) on youtube.

      The thing is I've used every setting I could ever find, contacted youtube users who managed to do it right, but after I upload the video on youtube, the quality is absolutely horrible.

      Right after i render i check the video, the quality is perfect, after that I upload it to youtube and after processing the video, it looks like it has 1M bitrate, laggy.


      Can anyone please help me to solve this problem?



      RAW clip bitrate: 500-900M


      Render settings from Premiere Pro CS6:


      Format: H264

      Resolution: 1280x720

      Frames per second: 30

      Field Order: Progressive

      Aspect: Square Pixels (1.0)

      TV Standard: NTSC

      Profile: High

      Level: 5.1

      Render at Maximum depth: Checked

      Bitrate settings:

      Encoding: VBR, 2 pass

      Maximum bitrate: 20M

      Minimum bitrate: 20M

      (Tried with smaller bitrates too, like 8/10/15, the output file wasnt so clear but youtube would still kill it)