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    Camera Raw 8.1 Betaの感想

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      先日Adobe Labsで出ました「Camera RAW 8.1 Beta」を試しました。















      もう一つはカラースペース(Color Space)の疑問。

      カラースペースの所にソフト校正が入るようですね。こちらも希望していたので、大変に嬉しいです。しかしまだ動いていませんので、正しく判断出来ませんので、表示から見てとれる想像で感想を書 きます。質問でもあります。



      したがって今回見えるソフト校正の為の「プリントプロファイル等」を指定する所が、作業・運用さる為の標準規格のカラースペースと同じ場所では作業としては色飽和(クリッピング)などの差を見 れませんし、間違えてプリントプロファイルを埋め込む形で画像保存(書き出し)をしてしまうのでは?と思いましたので、メールさせて頂きました。




      上の画像はCameraRAW8.1から。保存オプションにはカラースペースの指定する所等変更はなし。ワークフローオプションで、カラースペースの部分に変更があるのでしょうか?その際、例 えばsRGBにチェックが入ったまま、さらに別にCMYKやプリントプロファイルがあてがえればとても良いのですが。






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          Impressions of 8.1 Beta Camera Raw

          May 21, 2013 7:06 AM

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          I tried came out in Adobe Labs the other day, "Camera RAW 8.1 Beta".


          We think if you can tell a little that you feel toward the final version.


          I was very pleased the newly changed to "Workflow Options".


          Change before



          Now that can be adjusted for the size of the write (save) in 8.1.


          I am very happy.

          However, I thought the previous setting and or not than they can remain in the default.



          Another question of color space (Color Space).

          Software calibration seems to enter at the color space. This place had been so desired, it is very glad to. However, because it's not working yet, we can not judge correctly, write your impressions in the imagination that can be seen from the display. Is also a question.


          "Workflow Options" doubles as both settings of (writing) and saving adjustment work. There is no place you want to specify a "color space" in the Save As dialog Unlike Lightroom.

          Therefore place to appoint for soft proofing to be able to see this time "Print profile, etc." is not look at the difference color saturation, such as (clipping) and as a work in the same location as the color space of a standard for monkey work and operation The N, by the end up the (export) image storage in the form of embedding the print profile by mistake? So I thought, I was allowed to e-mail.


          * I want you to be that Ategae profile in addition to the color space of the standard, including image (changes if it is soft proofing.


          The above image from CameraRAW8.1. No such change where you want to specify the color space to store option. The workflow options, or you think there is a change to part of the color space? At that time, I would check very good example is still in the sRGB, CMYK or print profile Once that Ategae further apart.


          Of course, no doubt even rely on soft proofing in the misunderstanding of this place, there's nothing wrong (write) If you can save or "sRGB" and "AdobeRGB".


          That it can not be used to verify, I was allowed to speak in the imagination is not can also check.

          In any case, this time of change is really pleased, CameraRAW users in Japan are also very happy.

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            We have a few questions and our Japanese Engineer helped us posting it in Japanese below. You could also email us directly: mqi@adobe.com<mailto:mqi@adobe.com> and aksherry@adobe.com<mailto:aksherry@adobe.com>. Thank you!




            ACR 8.1 でファイルを開ける時のことですが、PSCS6、PSCCまたはその他のどのCCの製品をご利用されているのでしょうか?また、一番下のスクリーンショットですが、次回のACR のバージョンでご期待されている機能のモックアップのものでしょうか?