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    Print to PDF vs Export PDF


      Hello Adobe forums


      I'm experiencing a difference in the print quality of simple plain text, when printing (CTRL P) to a PDF, rather than exporting the PDF via the File menu.


      It's on a large Konica/Minolta office printer.


      When using the export PDF feature (even on the highest quality/press quality setting), some of the text comes out like some of the letters is in bold.


      When using the print to PDF (CTRL P), the text comes out just fine.


      Can anyone explain this? What is the actual difference between the two methods of saving to a PDF?


      Ive never come across this problem when sending PDFs to printing/press companies, using the export press quality profile, but only on our office printer.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Printing to PDF is distilling the PDF and you lose all live transparency and interactivity, along with layers and style color management information. Exported PDF may or may not contain live transparency and interactive content, as well as layers and color management information depending on the settings you use.


          What you are describing is typical of pages that have transparency or a transparency effect like a drop shadow interacting with text, but without seeing the file it's nearly impossible to say for sure what is happening.

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            Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

            Exactly what settings are you using for exporting PDF? That could make a tremendous difference.


            At Adobe, for print purposes, we would recommend PDF/X-4.


            Also, how are you printing the resultant PDF file? From Acrobat or Reader (and what version)? Or does your printer supposedly support direct PDF printing?


                    - Dov

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              ar3t Level 1

              Peter Spier, thank you for your answer!


              Yeah, i'm aware of the transparency difference, but this is simple plain 100% black text/letters. Theres no transparency involved.

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                ar3t Level 1

                Dov Isaacs, when using the export feature, i'm using the preset 'Press Quality' profile in InDesign 6.0


                I'll try the Standard you're suggesting, to see if it makes any difference. Though in this test (export vs print to pdf), no standards were used in neither of the two PDF's, so i don't think that's the reason.


                Im printing the PDF's from Acrobat Pro (newest version).


                I'll try and provide som actual pictures of the problem that's occuring, along with the two PDF's later today

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                  SteveE91 Level 1

                  Check that when you export to PDF, then go to Print that the setting for 'Size Options' is set to 'Actual Size' rather than 'Fit'.


                  'Fit' usually squishes the pages down a fraction and causes text to seem like it is dipping between bold and regular.

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                    Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    I had a Konica Minolta printer and had to get a Postscript Driver to install on the computer. It shows up as a new Printer on your computer.


                    This resolved the issue.

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                      ar3t Level 1

                      SteveE91: The same print settings were used on both PDF's, so that should rule that out. Thanks for the input though, it was a good suggestion!


                      Eugene Tyson: I'll try and get a .PS driver installed. Sadly that will have to go through IT secur. so that could take some time :-)


                      Thank you all for your great suggestions, and for your help in trying to solve this minor problem.


                      Greetings from Denmark

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                        SteveE91 Level 1

                        Have you tried setting up a new document, typing some text and repeating the process? See whether it is the file you're currently working with, or whether it may indeed be related to the printer.