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    Fireworks CS6 unstable in Mountain Lion?

    jefferis Community Member

      Hi folks, 

      I've got the latest versions of ML and FW and don't see any updates for FW.  I am seeing  increasingly bad behaviors in FW and fear it may be the end of the line for the program as Adobe seems to have abandoned any attempts to fix the program and is dropping it from CC. 


      Here are behaviors I see happening:   It says it fails to save a new document, but it saves it anyway.   It says item is open in another doc when it is not.   It is still working but it just is showing signs of breaking down. 


      I rely on FW for web work and it creates much smaller files and crisper ones that Photoshop, plus it batches well for Dreamweaver and the like.  I'm wondering if I am the only one experiencing these signs of age and incompatibility...



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          groove25 Community Member

          At least one of the bugs you mentioned may receive a fix in the coming weeks. In case you missed it, this post contains some relevant information:



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            I just downloaded Mountain Lion and I'm using it with FW CS5.1, and i'm noticing all the same issues, as well as odd behavior with the selction tool not working and requiring triple or more clicks to select tools and shapes.


            So dissapointing. I also use FW for a lot of my work-flow. In fact it's my go-to tool for anything that requires a quick graphic mock-up ( I always liked the way teh color-picker picked up colors from outside the workspace without switcing apps) and i rarely use it in the ways it's supposed to integrate with Dreamweaver. Still, I'm using it constantly, most days, and it's a real shame that it's so unstable in Mountain Lion