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    A struct in the application scope will be lost / damaged


      we have a strange problem with our CFMX 7,0,2, perhaps somebody can help?

      In the application.cfm a xml-file will be loaded, parsed and saved as a struct in an application variable. This will take place only if the struct isn't defined. We set the application variable exclusive by cflock. After some times, the struct or an element of the struct will be lost. At this time, we get "Null Pointer Exceptions".
      at coldfusion.xml.XmlNodeMap.size(XmlNodeMap.java:656)
      at coldfusion.runtime.Struct.StructCount(Struct.java:172)
      at coldfusion.runtime.CFPage.StructCount(CFPage.java:4133)

      Some questions:
      - Why is the struct / the elements in the application scope are lost? The application timeout is set to 2days, and other application variables aren't lost.
      - Why will cftry / cfcatch not work in this case?

      What can we do?

      Kind regards