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    Smooth youtube playback

    owiseone61755 Level 1

      I'm having the same problem as this individual.




      My sequence setting is 720p 23.96fps. I export using either the matching youtube preset or the h264 720p 23.96 preset and my playback just doesn't look as smooth as other videos I see on youtube. 


      My source is all movie clips and most of them are 23.96 720p but a few were recorded from television and are 30fps and a few are 1080p.  I've watched my youtube video on my home computer as well as at work, which has high bandwidth and it's still doesn't seem up to par to other videos I see on youtube.


      Any suggestions?  I don't really see any resolution in the thread I linked.


      Here is a link to my video, see for yourself how smooth it plays back for you.



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          Shadreck Rukweza Level 2

          The source footage is the culprit here. It's not good quality footage. What version of PrPro are you using?

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            owiseone61755 Level 1

            I'm using 6.0.  Can you tell me how you know it's the footage so I can get a better understanding how to proceed.  Most of them are .mp4's of the complete films.  How are other people uploading comparable content?


            I will add when I watch the video back locally on my PC it plays very smooth and most of the clips look great.

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              Shadreck Rukweza Level 2

              Not so sure about 6.0! Its probably Youtube! The final exported video quality is different from the one uploaded on youtube?

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                Stephen_Spider Level 3

                Looks pretty smooth from here. Some shots better than others. Check out your timeline closely and see if you can identify problem clips, then try the "interpret footage" function by right clicking on the clip in the project window.  If you have time to kill, you might check frame blending to on in the export dialog, that has helped me before when there were multiple frame rates in a sequence.


                You might also try exporting at 30 or 60p and see how youtube handles it. You might also try dropping the whole 24p sequence into  30 or 60p sequences, and try 24, 30 and 60p exports for experimental purposes.


                Last week I worked on a project that had a lot of 1080i footage in a 720 30p sequence. Motion looked like dung in a 720 30p export. I fixed it by copying and pasting all the clips into a 720 60p sequence, and exported again to 720 30p with frame blending. It made the video and motion graphics look nice and smooth, huge difference.


                You may run into difficulties if you try the same method if your sources are actually 24p. I know when I have pasted clips from a 24p sequence into 720p 60 or 480i 60, it created gaps in the timeline  that had to be manually adjusted.


                Fun little tribute montagey you got going there. Best of luck.


                BTW.... IMHO you might consider opening with the scrubs clip.

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                  owiseone61755 Level 1

                  thanks. This youtube upload I did use "maximum quality" and "frame blending"


                  I'm wondering the difference between using youtube preset which is mpeg2 i think vs doing a mp4 from the h264 preset.

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                    owiseone61755 Level 1

                    Not so much the quality but the issue is more the smoothness of playback.  It plays very smooth when I watch the file on my computer but when I watch on youtube it can be jerky and laggy.  Its not terrible but since the whole video is dancing and movement and relies of synching the cuts and footage with the music, I want it as smooth at possible.

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                      Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Just upload again. YT sometimes does not get it right.

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                        Jim_Simon Level 8

                        I only got a minute in, but most of the clips played perfectly fine.  The few that didn't likely had the issue natively.