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    Project Manager in CS6


      I am trying to create a trimmed version of my project, which I shot at 1080 at 24p on a Canon 5d Mark ii. I clicked the Create New Trimmed Project box on the Project Manager, as well as the "exclude unused clips" box. I indicated handles of 24 frames. The problem was the resulting trimmed project included the full clips instead of the trimmed down clips with the handles, and the trimmed project is the same size as the original. Does anyone have any advice on how to solve this? Thanks for your help!

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          joe bloe premiere Level 5

          Project Manager has difficulty trimming most media types.

          Does anyone have any advice on how to solve this? Thanks for your help!

          Back up the entire Project with all media, and forget

          about trying to trim media with Project Manager.

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            Qengineering Level 3

            The Canon 5D MkII records video as H.264 compressed MOV files.

            Since these are highly compressed, long GOP format files, they can not be (easily) trimmed without damaging the data. Therefore PrP is designed to copy the entire file when using Project Manager.


            I believe Premiere Project Manager will only trim I-frame format video files.

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              James P. Brady Level 1

              I've been waiting for Adobe's solution to this for some time now as well.  I often used the "Create New Trimmed Project" feature back in the days of capturing analog from Betacam.

              Now I'm stuck with every miserable second of transferred P2, EX3, DSLR, and other such media footage.


              It's nice to finally hear an explanation of why the feature "stopped" working.  But I know Adobe can figure something out--it's what they do!


              Keep submitting those feature requests, guys.  Let Adobe know it's important, and they'll keep working at it.