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    Swapping to Creative Cloud?

    celebritymusic Level 1

      Gidday guys


      The Adobe support contact is down, so I'm seeing if anyone here knows...?


      I have a single app monthly sub for Flash Pro CS6. I'd like to change it to Flash Pro CC, so I can have advanced telemetry. Is that possible?


      I'm confused because...


      - my account says it's a CC subscription (no mention of CS6)

      - I attempted to download the trial version from https://creative.adobe.com/apps, but the downloader says I have the latest version, which I'm sure I do have the latest version of CS6, but I want CC. It doesn't give me the option of having both CS6 and CC. Should there be two versions available?


      Cheers to anyone out there who isn't as confused as a bat in a drum room.