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    Automating formats by page

      This might sound a little crazy. We have a site that is updated with new sections periodically. The sections have different tags depending on what kind of section it is, and each section is also defined by certain style attributes unique to that section.

      For the sake of discussion, let's say all pages about dogs have text highlights in blue. Every so often we want to include a page about cats that has text highlights in red. The pages are all flagged "cat" or "dog" in the admin tool we use to set up new sections, so we can read from the page meta data what section we're in at any given moment, but we don't want to create a different tool just for the cat pages.

      The custom tool the editors use to place highlighted text simply inserts a style attribute automatically. Ideally, we want to have Contribute place a different style attribute based on the section/page type.

      Is there any way to do this in Contribute (we're using CS3) without resorting to crazy programming in php or similar?