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    Createjs Toolkit naming bug



      I have a whole load of images with '_' in their name. Toolkit doesnt seem to like this. The Bitmaps instances have the correct name e.g.

      (lib.my_really_long_name_with_underscores = function() { this.initialize(img.my_really_long_name_with_underscores); }).prototype = p = new cjs.Bitmap(); p.nominalBounds = new cjs.Rectangle(0,0,217,262); 

      But the parent movieclip references this instance without the 'underscores': e.g:

      this.instance_1 = new lib.myreallylongnamewithunderscores(); 

      Seems like its stripping them when it shouldn't. It wouldn't be a problem if i didn't have a need for really long descriptive file names...

      Is there any way I could edit the JSFLs in toolkit as I'm sure i could be fixed quite simply.