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    Glowing edge trace


      Hello I am fairly new to AE. I am looking to start to make some animated broadcasting overlays for sports broadcasting. The question I have right now is if anyone knows the easiest way to achieve the effect of a glowing point that traces the outline or top of a lower third or scorebug or any other sort of overlay I might want to use. I see this effect quite a bit nowadays in news and sports broadcasts and was wondering if I could duplicate it with AE. Any info would be great!

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          If it's just a linear glow tail, a simple thin solid would do. Apply a Linear Wipe with a feathered edge to create the fading trail, blur it slightly, then animate the position of the whole thing while it's in Add blending mode. This concept can be endlessly refined by pre-composing and adding more layers with different settings for color, opacity, glow and so on to create "real" optical effects. And inevitably you're probably gonna need some lens flare plug-in for that stinger. For more complicated curved shapes, you may want to look up a tutorial on creating animated strokes or particle trails. Really so many ways to go about it and a million different looks to create...