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    Android Tablet, Linux OS, no option to change settings. How do you access Flashplayer?


      Using the latest Android Tablet, with jelly bean, & google browser. Came preinstalled with Adobe, but when clicked on, the pop up browser went black. Went to TV site, it redirected to download Flashplayer, but Adobe site said there was no download for my system. No browser settings options for details. Next went into settings & changed from Android format to PC format, which did not change browser function or appearance, went back to Adobe to download Flash. This time Adobe said that my OS was Linux & they would no longer be supporting this OS in future. Then they said that I had flash installed & to go into settings to activate it..... there is no setting to allow this!!!! It is a fixed browser.


      Is there any way to access settings in a minimal browser? I cannot follow Adobe troubleshoot browser 'notes', as very long & not relevant.


      Is there any point in Android Tablets - if no Adobe support - cant use many online features?


      Is Adobe no longer supporting online TV?


      What do I have to buy to watch all moving content on the Internet, without complex instructions & changes?