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    Problem with .p65 files

    Egor Belozerov

      Hi, guys.


      My name is Egor, I'm student of journalism from Russia.


      I have some complicated situation here: I graduate from university this year and writing bachelor work about modular grids. Practical part of my work includes comparence of newspapers with grid based layout and newspapers without any regular structure. So I asked several newspapers to send me couple of their old issues and a couple of new ones, made on grid. They did, but some of their old issues were made in Adobe Pagemaker and have .p65 extention. First, I tried to open those files in ID CS6 and failed. Then I installed Pagemaker 7.0 on my Win 7 laptop, but it failed too, saying "Can not open file... 88009:16404". Than I tried to open this files in PM 6.5 on my parent's oldfag Win XP SP3 machine, but it said me exactly the same. I have nothing to do here. Not one idea, how to open this bad-bad files.


      The worst thing in this story is that I have to finish my bachelor work till Friday, May 24th.


      Guys, please give me a hand. If anyone can try to open this .p65 files on his computer and export it to .pdf, it would be great. In fact, it is my last option, so I ask your help.


      One more difficulty, that could pop up is cyrillic fonts, used in that files. But this is a point for another conversation.


      Link to files (there are 3 .p65 files 5,2 mb each):