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    Lagging response of AVC-I and AVCHD Footage on Time-Line

    jamesp2 Level 1

      At Kevin's Monahan's request, and to joe bloe's great relief, I'm starting a new thread to raise an issue previously referenced in a number of other threads, and confirmed by Eric of ADK, among others.


      The behavior involves delays in updating to the correct frame, and being able to play footage, when moving rapidly from cut to cut through a time-line containing AVC-I or AVCHD clips.  After substantial cursor movement on the t-l, PPro will stop responding altogether, requiring several seconds to "catch up" and display the correct frame and be able to play.  The longer this goes on, the worse it can get.  However, if all footage is stepped through, cut by cut, waiting for the update at each cut, responsiveness improves (for a while).  But the improvement won't last.


      When the same AVC-I footage is transcoded to Avid DNxHD at an equivalent data rate, time-line response tends to be instantaneous.  I have not tried other codecs, but Eric reports that cineform also works well.  Note that the same AVC-I and AVCHD footage which lags on PPro plays seamlessly on Edius, without these lags.


      The system in question is 3930K, 32GIB, Geforce 660 Ti.  The behavior is seen with a single video track, without fx.